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It’s Not About Saying Cheese!: 4 Vintage Tips to Looking Good in Photos

happyfacesInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. You are bombarded with photos anywhere you look.

Posting photos is however not a problem for the photogenic. You know one when you find one. You feel jealous how that person maintains a perfect look. Regardless the lighting, their hairstyle, and attire. They just look good, no matter what.

Perhaps being a photogenic is a skill that some have already mastered. And that which some have already given up on. Are you among those on the latter group?

Do not lose hope just yet. There are ways how you can look good on photos. No more evading the camera and leaving the spotlight to your photogenic friends.

Think happy thoughts.

Remember when they say, real beauty comes from inside?

This teaches you exactly how to look good in photos. Smile with your eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul and by looking at them you can tell how a person truly feels. This is the reason why your photos with your lips smiling but eyes gloomy look awkward. The happiness isn’t real.

To look good in photos, recall anything that makes you happy. Think about your crush or your special someone. Or that time you last shared a good laugh with your best friends. Once you let these positive thoughts rule over whenever there is a photo opportunity, then you are sure to flash a genuine smile.

Pay attention to grooming.

Effortless beauty exists. But let’s admit it, not everyone of us is like that, especially when we are to use stills as mere basis.

We would need the help of beauty enhancers for us to look better through the camera lens. And that’s the good thing about photos. You can choose the right lighting and position that works well for your features. You can as well do some editing to get rid of imperfections – blemishes for instance – that are always bothering you.

That said, it is important that you also be cautious of your grooming habits.

Find your angle.

We’ve all been there.

Arguing with a friend so you can secure the position where you know you will look your best. Congratulations then. You have found your angle.

Determining your camera angle does not come in an instant. You need to find it and work your way to it. Look into your gorgeous pictures. Then practice using digital or internal camera on your phone.

And remember that classic model pose? Try it yourself! Position your body three quarters of the way facing the camera. Place one foot forward, with one side of your shoulder leaning closer to the camera. Check if it works for you too!

One more tip, do not look straight to the camera lens. Look slightly above it instead.


When you feel too pressured to look good in photos, it shows. As a result, the smile you let out looks fake and stiff.

At the end of the day, no single photo can ever attest to the real beauty you possess. So relax.

Do not feel disheartened about others looking flawless in photos without a fuss. You too can always look beautiful if you will only choose to show that side of yours.

Forget about your case study Australia assignment for the meantime and look as though you’re not worried about anything during photography sessions.

Author Bio:
Nettie Gray volunteers to be the group’s photographer when she doesn’t feel camera-ready. But even when she is, she still cannot seem to gather the courage to post an album full of her camwhoring photos.

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