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Five Most Dangerous Cities to Live In

Dangerous CitiesEach year, various publications investigate the crime statistics of the nation’s cities to determine which ones are the most and least safe for residents to live in. Below are six of the cities that are regularly considered some of the more dangerous cities due to their high crime rates.

5. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tenn. has a crime rate of 1,583 per 100,000 residents and police say the city typically reports many more crimes than other similarly situated areas. On average, Memphis has just over 10,000 violent crimes each year. The violent crime culture in Memphis is owed to its lower socio-economic status over most of the town. Because of this status, less funding is available for safeguarding the community with stronger police forces. A person’s chance of being the victim of a crime in Memphis is one in sixty-three.

4. Oakland, California

Oakland, Calif. has a population of around 395,317. The city’s relatively high level of poverty along with its proximity to the most notorious drug corridors contribute to many violent crimes. In fact, the city is known to have the most violent street robberies as part of its 1,683 crimes per 100,000 residents. In Oakland, one person for every 59 will be a victim of a crime.

3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Penn. is the second largest city on the East Coast with around 1,547,607 residents. Some aspects of the city’s crime have regularly achieved attention both nationally and internationally. The city’s goal is to cut the number of homicides by at least 100 each year. Philidelphia’s violent crime rate is around 18,000 crimes per year. While one in 84 people will be hit by crime, the amount of violent crimes, makes Phili the number three most dangerous city for this list. Currently, there are an estimated 6,625 policemen which amounts to 4.33 per 1,000 residents.

2. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Mo. residents total around 320,454 and have at least 1,857 crimes occur per 100,000 residents each year. As such, the city is considered one of the more consistently dangerous living environments in the nation. Because it is located directly along the path of major drug routes, the city has also been plagued with murders and other violent crimes for decades. These reasons are why St. Louis typically ranks so highly in the nation for murders. St. Louis also has high rates for robbery and assault. One in every 53 people in St. Louis will be the victim of a crime. In addition, St. Louis is ranked with a one in the crime index, with 100 being the safest.

1. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Mich., also known as the motor city, has seen a steady decay of its urban landscape over the past few decades. This decay happened largely thanks to the down economy that started for the region when the auto industry began to falter and nor the city nor the auto industry has recovered since. With a population of around 713,239 people, the violent crime rate is usually the highest in the nation at 2,137 victims per 100,000 residents. Another contributing factor to the unsafe environment is the high level of gang related violence which keeps crime levels running at least five times above the national average. Another reason why Detroit gets such a bad rap for being dangerous is because many of the suburbs, in addition to the city have high crime rates as well.

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