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The New launch of Mercedes Benz New GL-Class

New GL-ClassMercedes-Benz is known as a German manufacturer of luxury vehicles and other means of transportation. It is considered as one of the leaders of the automobile industry. The company has sold millions of cars around the world that made them a leader for the past 127 years. Trusted world over for designing car systems that are not only efficient but safe as well, owning a Mercedes Benz is definitely a dream come true for millions.

Again, they had proven their expertise again by launching a new collection that will show their cutting-edge technology.

The 2013 Mercedes Benz New GL-Class is a fully revolutionized model inspired from the first generation of the class of Mercedes Benz vehicles featured in their e-TV campaign. This is the flagship of their third generation models promising an accident-free electric driving. Thus, it has a new version quality of the previous collection. The collection has launched four models that are distinguished by their specific engine class. The said engines have been made specifically for the Mercedes Benz lovers. It has a sharp design that has been crafted to convey a futuristic feel to the most discriminating taste. The refined finish is really evident in the external appeal of the vehicle. Scratch-proof technology has also been maintained.

While the older models were well equipped in terms of passenger space, one could not load a lot of luggage. Well, there is no need to worry now because this brand new range of Mercedes Benz has added another breakthrough vehicle to their collection of GL-Class vehicles. This SUV-inspired transporter conveys sophistication and practicality with their dual clutch transformer. The three-row cabin offers extensive luxury to many passengers. The cost may not be that modest but your investment is all worth it especially if you will check both the standard and optional features. The space has been expanded which has been added with another row of seat. It is definitely prefect for those who want to have an excellent road trip, world’s favorite pastime.

With their location scout system, road trip are even enjoyed to the maximum level.

The entertainment is made digital for easy and soft operation. They have what they call a digital kit that facilitates all the needed operation for entertainment purposes.

One amazing feature is new kind of engine called diesel-powered GL350 with a fuel economy attribute. It has also remarkable amazing features like antilock brakes. It has a built-in stability and traction control not to mention the airbags situated in all the right places. It has also a brand new eye design which adds beauty to the design. The most admirable safety feature though is the emergency communication system that helps avoid untoward road incidents.

The Global Positioning System has been upgraded to add more function to the device. This is another innovation that makes the new Mercedes range so irresistible. In fact, DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), a government organization has recognized the beauty and function of the incredible 2013 Mercedes Benz New GL-Class. For confirmation, you can call 0843 479 6665. That is the DVLA phone number. You can also send them an e-mail to their online email service.

To sum up the features of the Mercedes Benz New GL-Class- this new range is as awesome as all the other models by the company, you can now rest assured that a greater luggage can be easily accommodated, and there are new innovations in terms of engine.So wherever in the world you would be, you are guaranteed of world-class service because there are many offices and service centers all across the world. Customer service at Mercedes Benz is at its finest!

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