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The World’s Most Teched Out Homes

the gates homeThe world’s most teched-out homes have luxuries that most people can only dream about affording. These comforts make it easier to manage their homes on a daily basis. You would be surprised how the world’s rich and famous incorporate technology into their lives. Here are a few rich people who know how to use technology to its full potential. 

The Gates Home

Bill and Melinda Gates understand and embrace technology in their homes and daily lives. Technology is present in all of the driveways, floors, and walkways to keep them warm during the harsh and cold winters. There is no longer a need to shovel the driveway because technology eliminated the task from the daily chore-list.

The touchscreen panels control every aspect of the 66,000 square foot house. The panels are controlled by pins that are kept on the occupants’ bodies. From these pins, temperature, elements, lighting, and music can be controlled. Each occupant can have preferences set that will change when they walk into a room. The pool settings are also customizable with an underwater music system.

The Saltzman Home

Not all high tech homes were built recently. Some older homes have been upgraded to include modern technological advances, and the Saltzman Home is one that falls into this category. The house is wired with an amazing audio and visual system that can be controlled via smartphone or remote computer. Audio can be streamed from room to room in the home, but the technology is sophisticated and advanced enough to allow different media running in each room simultaneously. The security system is magnificent and controls the lights and other aspects of the system from a single point.

Harbour Hide

This UK home was on the market recently but has almost every technological gadget that a homeowner needs. All of the electronic devices can be hidden with retractable doors and devices. In every room of the home, an Android tablet is present to control electronic equipment such as lighting, heating, and air conditioning. The Android tablets are embedded in the wall and can also be used to control the jet stream current. Residents of the home can raise the control panel for the jet stream that occupants swim against for exercise.

The Heliotrope

This German home is the first to create more energy than it uses. The cylinder shaped house turns it’s solar paneled side of the house to face the sun based on the season. Energy isn’t all it creates. The house also traps and filters its own water. This futuristic looking home may be what a true tech home should aspire to with its green technology.

Shape Shifting Apartment

It may be small, only 474 sq. ft, but don’t let the size full you. This apartment is truly teched out. To create more space the apartment has movable walls that can shift based on what the house needs to be used for at the time. With a switch of a button the house can turn from a two room apartment for one to a large party space to be enjoyed by friends.

Take Hints from the World’s Most Teched Out Homes

When you are building or updating your home, use these homes for inspiration and incorporate as many technological advances as you can afford. You will love these new features in your home. When you are saving time and relaxing more, you will thank yourself for spending more and investing the extra effort.

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