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5 Tips to Staying Vegan During Vacations

vegan dietVegans, fear not.

You don’t have to count in vacations as cheat days. You can stick to your meal routine. Set your mind into it though as it takes extra work deviating from the food the rest of the group is chowing down on.

Note as well that the level of difficulty you might have to endure as also something to do with your destination. In urban areas, looking for plant-based snacks might be easier than when you are in far-flung areas.

Keep these tips in mind so you can stay committed to being a vegetarian while traveling.

Study labels.

Do not be content with global brands you used to indulge in at home.

While those products you believe you can run to for quick snacks are available abroad, there is no guarantee that they will have the same ingredients. Before purchasing, check out first what that familiar treat is made of.

Then, you will not have to deal with buyer remorse for consuming what you just thought qualifies for the vegan diet you’re keeping.

Learn local language.

Language barrier does not have to be a major issue for vegans.

You need not master other’s native tongue. But you will have to pay close attention to phrases or words that are related to food and vegetarian meals.

The word “vegetarian,” for one, is not commonly used in other countries. You might only receive strange looks as you ask locals where to find some. But if you are aware of that magic word, for instance,” yasai” in Japan, then the search will be a lot easier.

Pack own food.

It’s a drag to have to come out and search for plant-based breakfast when you’ve just rolled out of bed and are dead starving.

Save yourself from the inconvenience. Bring your own snacks that you can take as meal supplement anytime you want, or while you are still looking for a place where you can enjoy heavy vegan meals. Peanut butter, oat meals and soy milk are classic examples.

For a taste variation, simply add chopped fruits and you’re good to go.

Request for customized meals.

Restaurants for sure will allow you make few requests on your orders.

This is one way to getting by when all your peers, or perhaps you yourself find the menu interesting although the restaurant is no vegetarian. Request that meat and other animal-based ingredients on the recipe be removed or replaced with vegetables.

Inquire as well about the cost to ensure you’re not charged additional fees.


Staying in a hostel? Couch surfing maybe?

Knowing how to prepare vegetarian meals especially when a kitchen is accessible can help you save time and money. According to an essay, this is more so beneficial if you are traveling with a group of vegan people. You can cook large servings which you can carry with you as you hit the roads.

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