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Objectives of CRM consultants

CRM consultantsAre you an owner of any organization? Are you facing any trouble in deciding what to do for proper customer care system? Don’t worry it’s common and daunting for everyone like you and here comes the necessity of the CRM

How do you plan to implement your customer relationship management system or CRM? In case you are not sure, consider this two-step idea. It really works, whatever be the size of your organization.

First, decide on your choice of CRM platform.

Second, hire the right CRM consultant.

Often we invest all our energy and budget on choosing the right platform and believe that everything else will fall into place on its own. That does not happen in reality. Technical side of implementation is as important as the platform itself.

The bottom line is – choose your CRM consultant diligently.

For platforms, there might be different options but Microsoft Dynamics GP is undoubtedly the top choice. That’s not just because of its seamless performance; but also for its value for money across the small, medium and large organizations.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP your next job will be to choose right Certified Microsoft Dynamics Consultant. They are many but you need to find out the one who will be best fit for your business.

For that, find out the objectives that a consultant follows for implementing your project.

Stepping into your business shoes

CRM consultants have expertise in working with the platform and in the business process. Now for technical matters one can achieve sound expertise but what about the business process. Does your CRM consultant understand your business process? After all, consultant is the architect who’ll build the CRM design from the scratch. Knowing the business makes lots of sense.

Know and understand how your consultant addresses this issue. Does he care for this at all?

Breadth and width of consultation

Technical Certification is the bare minimum quality in terms of authorization. However, that’s not the end of the story. Prefer consultants with Training Certification because that’ll give you better choice in terms of time span of association. Besides, length of experience itself ensures that the consultant of your choice is also in the market since a long time. That’s kind of enforcing factor.

IT department or sales or both

CRM is a software application and IT knows that well. It’s true but half-true. IT might know the technical things better but from an end user’s point of view sales team must play a crucial part in implementation. How comfortable your consultant feels while working with sales team? Does your consult at all consider working with sales team?

What about training?

Implementation and customization is ok but what about training? Without proper training, CRM might not yield right result even after the most intelligently done customization. What your consultant says about training? Does he advise and guide you to allocate budget for training separately? If yes, then it sounds good!

Flat budget or open and hourly budget?

This is an important indicator. If you ask for a budget and your consultant gives you a flat budget for your project; that means the person is well aware of intricacies specific to your business. That again confirms the expertise. With business specific knowledge often consultants offer open and hourly budget. Open budget might be good and might not be too if your business customization is critical. So, be careful with consultants preferring only open budget.

Hope this article would give a better insight into the process. Be diligent and make informed decision.

Authors Bio:   Rickey is working as an CRM consultant and also an avid blogger, He regularly writes on several blogs on various topics. In this article, he describes some important objectives of CRM.

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