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5 Excessive Clutter to Remove on Your Resume

Clutter to Remove on Your ResumeSo you have gathered few sample resumes online. Now you are down to deciding which to pattern yours from.

In that case, beware of these blunders. You might have seen them on CVs you are looking into right now, and it is best that you avoid them if you’re serious about landing that job.

Inappropriate email-address

You have been using that email address since the beginning of time. And you feel lazy creating a new one. Guess what? That laziness can cause you your dream job.

Remember you will be communicating with professionals and when they see the shutthef*** email address on their inbox, they most likely will not feel the urge to open your message. They might even delete it without thinking twice.

So regardless what, create a new account bearing your full name or at least one that is professional sounding. It is free anyway.

Irrelevant work experiences

So you met your favorite supervisor in that job which makes it among your most memorable.

However, you have had that work when you were in freshmen year in college, which was over 15 years ago. To you that stint may be valuable, but to employers, it does not ring a bell.

Trim your list of job experiences. You need not disclose everything but be careful in picking which to include. Also, do not lie about your job experiences so you can boost your application. Chances are you will have to tell a series of lies, and it is hard to look confident when you know you are not really aware what you are talking about.


When employers want to talk to someone who can testify to your character and abilities they shall inquire. That is the time when you can provide them a list of references.

But way before, ensure that you have notified and coordinated with the people you have listed. They might be the type reluctant of answering anonymous calls.

Some personal information

It isn’t necessary to indicate your religious affiliations and hobbies, unless the job you are applying for is directly related to these details.

Leave out these information on your resume and focus instead to those that matter. Again, if it is not related to the job and company you are applying then it is not worth the space on your resume.

Even age is no longer important. You having indicated the year you graduated from college to the jobs you had are already enough to give employers an idea of your age range.

Also, be cautious with the specifics that you include on your resume. For instance, names of employees. If you are not sure with the spelling, at least get in touch with the company to verify.


Use your resume to highlight your strengths, not to justify mistakes you did in the past.

There is no need to narrate your reasons for leaving your previous job. You are selling yourself, and hence it is imperative to not present anything negative. If employers are interested in knowing your side of story, they will ask. And this usually happens as you personally meet.

And one last thing, there is no need to indicate it is your phone number or email address. Employers can tell.

Author Bio:

Nettie Gray works under the recruitment team in a publishing firm. During free time, she also offers resume and essay writing coaching to graduating college students.

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