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Toyota Prado 2011 – Provides Inspirational Driving and Traveling Involvement

Toyota Prado 2011Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is the official name of the car we will talk about, in this article. Prado and Lexus (in US) have been popular names for it since 1984 when it was first introduced. Though Prado is a known name and design in the world, but another name attached to it definitely adds more image of the car to an individual’s mind. Up till Prado was introduced Land Cruiser was just a sign for the sophisticated cars.

The developers at Toyota, retouched the Land Cruiser basically the grilles and engines and named it Prado. From the beginning Prado showed immense signs of innovation inside and outside the bonnet. After every generation Prado amused the consumers all over the world more and more. Now this car is lying in its 4th generation and the value of this sedan is increasing every minute. The last innovation procedures happened to the Prado was in 2011 which revolutionized it like heaven. With the sky-high figures on a Prado price tag, a lot of people can only assume to buy it. However we positively hope that someday, very soon it will enter the used Japanese car market with an easy price deal.

But for now, we will look at the affordable options in the Toyota Prado range.

Feature chain of Toyota Prado from the 2nd last generation

Well, there have been four generations of Toyota Prado and the old ones are definitely in the used car market. Those may be appropriate for the classic car lovers and for those who can do with less features and low price is the only thing they are looking for. However, we would here assume that you would like the something near to recent in the Toyota Prado collection.

So we have chosen, Toyota Prado from 2006 which is situated in the third generation on the record chart. In this version of Prado performance and price factor both would be amiable. Being an SUV the car is no less than a supermodel off the roads.

The musts in the Prado model are safety and comfort ability features like: a dual air bag, automatic central locking, seat belts, power steering and windows.

The engine options available from that season are a 3L diesel engine with four cylinders and another is a 4L V6 gasoline option. The 5-speed auto transmission concluded the trend whereas the 6-speed manual transmission was advancing. If you are a driver in the city most of the times, go for the diesel one which obviously offers better fuel economy.

The exceptional factor that was being offered with the 2006 model of Toyota Prado was a dual tank which is a great advantage for forest trip. The power that Prado offers is 179kw and a torque of 343Nm. To endorse the looks of the car there can be hardly any statement made, since Land Cruiser already has a mighty image of a well-designed car range. The car is almost similar to the recent one in looks. If you are able to set your mind a bit for this car, it is available for admirable prices in the showrooms of Japanese traders.

The company is celebrating 60 years of excellence and providing quality vehicles therefore Toyota Prado 2011, is one such remarkable creation of the company. The car critics and experts highlight the following pros and cons of this car.

  • Outstanding V6 Engine
  • 5 Star safety features
  • Petrol consumption is slightly greater than other cars of similar features
  • Best for large families 7-10 passengers
  • Marvelous off-road performance.

The  central locking, ABS brake system, engine mobilizer, anti-theft alarm, child safety door-locks, airbags makes this car stands out of the crowed. The 18-inches alloy wheels give this ride an amplifying speed on the highways and normal roads.

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