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Yoga For Kids: Too Little, Too Early?

Yoga For KidsYoga has been around for a long time, for centuries, in fact, and has become a lifestyle for many.

Yoga is a known exercise system practised as part of Hindu discipline that encourages mind and body control. But now, it is not only the adults that are into this, but schools are also incorporating Yoga disciplines and tools in the classroom. Below are some related clips gathered from the different parts of the world which only shows the growing number of schools that practice this said educational system.

This emerging practice has somewhat become a divisive issue among parents and educators.

Spreading around Yoga balls in lieu of standard chairs

An elementary school in Pennsylvania has replace desk chairs with ‘stability balls’ for their fifth grade students. These ‘balls’ are standard for Yoga and were chosen to make the students focus more and wiggle less. Upon sitting on contraption that a year or two ago can only be found in Yoga studios , is apparently helping blood circulation all over the body which makes the children alert instead of dozing off and playing around.

Breathing techniques for pre-schoolers

In another state, Massachusetts, to be exact, are teaching children aged five to 15 above Yoga breathing techniques that will help them cope. In addition, as Yoga has relaxing benefits, they think that this could help control obesity in young children because they are at ease and confident and have a tolerable level of self-esteem.

This is one of the most implemented techniques, mainly because of the self confidence it provides the children at a young age.

Opposing side

In Los Angeles, on the other hand, parents have filed a civil lawsuit to Encinitas schools who have
incorporated Yoga in the classroom. They cite that this practice with Buddhism roots reflects ‘religious indoctrination.’ School administrators in that area have justified their Yoga program as a way for the children to adapt a healthy lifestyle from an early age. Students whose parents have allowed them to join (there is an opt-out option) attend 30-minute yoga classes twice a week and re being taught with Ashtanga yoga.

Just how young is young when it comes to Yoga

It is not only pre-schoolers who are being taught Yoga, in New York, ‘Baby yoga’ is increasingly
becoming a must-do for parents who have babies who are have teething or learning to crawl. Of course, the poses are more basic for babies but the end game is that parents are spending time and money with their kids on a Yoga studio than at home or some safe playground where they can play and just be kids.

Are we becoming mildly obsessed with control and peace that we are allowing little room to make
mistakes and be confused and conflicted once in a while and learn from our mishaps? Just asking.

Nettie Gray hops for one writing service to another and attended two classes of Bikram Yoga before quitting because her work just got more stressful. She also recommends Yoga to friends for good health practice.

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