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In-charge of the Corporate Twitter Account? 9 Tips to Tailoring Traffic-Boosting Tweets

corporate tailoring twitter tipsYou have your corporate Twitter account. But does it satisfy its purpose?

Does it ring a bell to your customers? Does it contribute to achieving company goals? Or does it only stand there, lifeless?

You can make consumers care. You can form powerful and beneficial tweets only if you will..

Make It Concise

Twitter has 140-character limit per post, not for an essay writer who composes at least 400 words. Review tweets before posting. Pick the shortest words that best convey your message. But do not go to the extent of excessive, shameless abbreviating. Remember this is a corporate account you are keeping.

Break Good News

Who does not want to hear good news?  See to it that your clients are updated with developments on services or products you offer. Take the opportunity as well to share any positive feedback you receive from agencies or private individuals. Make customers proud they’re doing business with you.

Spill As Well Unhappy News

Site down for maintenance? Meetings or events postponed? Inform customers about interruptions they might experience while using your services. Provide alternatives as much as possible.

Say Thanks

Twitter gives you the opportunity to connect with customers. Given the chance, you know you would not hesitate saying “thank you” to your loyal clients face-to-face. But since that would probably take some time especially for big companies, for the meantime, use Twitter to thank people supporting and believing in your company.

Talk Human

Sound natural. Use a friendly voice but be careful. You cannot be too attached to the account. Otherwise, you might inadvertently reflect your personality instead of the brands.


Interact with your followers. Maximizing Twitter as tool for communication with customers shall help you manage volume of inquiries.


People love thrill. Feel free to release teasers about deals and promos that the company is cooking for customers.

Serve As an Information Portal

The more you share your page for the benefit of others, the more chances people shall be willing to retweet your posts. Don’t go hard selling. Share news or anything related to your business that your customers might find useful. Show the caring side of your company by retweeting as well select posts.

Finally, request for retweet.

There’s nothing wrong jumping onto the “Please RT” trend as long as you do it sparingly.  Make sure you request for a retweet only for messages, causes or events significant for the company.

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