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Three Reasons You Should Maintain Your Septic System

Septic SystemHome-ownership requires many maintenance tasks to ensure that houses stay safe and fully functional. Your home’s septic system is certainly no exception. It is likely that you know a few little tricks on how to keep your septic system healthy if you are the owner or resident to a property with one.  You have likely heard warnings to follow certain guidelines in order to maintain the system but do you know why you should? 

There are a few prominent reasons why you should take steps to maintain your septic system; once you know the why they how will become much more important to you.

Monetary Reasons

The reason that likely speaks the loudest to the majority of us consists of the almighty dollar. A septic system can cost as much as $10,000 to replace—there are only a few members of society who would consider that chump change.  Septic systems are designed to last as long as 3 decades if properly maintained.  Your system should be pumped every 3 or 5 years, depending on the size of the system and the amount of usage it incurs.

The practice of regular maintenance and proper treatment of your septic system will save you the large expense of replacing an entire system.  Even further, a system in disrepair will lower the value of your property or eventually cause you legal problems which can become increasingly costly.

Health Concerns

Another reason that proves to be even more important than saving money is the health of your family and of your community.

In the occurrence of a septic system failure, it is highly possible that the surrounding water supplies will become contaminated with untreated waste water.   Many serious illnesses and viruses are caused by the bacteria found within human waste.  Throughout history, there have been multiple instances where diseases have spread throughout communities because of contaminated drinking water.

It is each person’s responsibility to maintain their septic system for the good of their family and for their community.

Environmental Protection

Along with protecting the communal water supply, septic system failure can lead to deeper environmental and long-term health issues.

Groundwater contamination does not only affect humans but also the animals and plants in the surrounding areas. Surface water – streams and bodies of water –will easily become polluted when untreated sewage is flowing.  The bacteria will infect the environment as a whole, deeming even environmental recreation unhealthy.

A home’s septic system is something that can be easily maintained with simple, routine maintenance. Make it a point to keep a record of when the last time your septic tank was serviced. Understanding that the smallest preventative precautions can protect your community and yourself against expensive and unhealthy future possibilities is an integral factor in knowing why you should take care of your septic system.  These three reasons only skim the surface on the detriment untreated waste could cause.  Those nagging how to protect your septic system warnings that we have all heard about suddenly seem a bit more important don’t they?

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