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Benefits of Selecting a Cast Iron Mailbox

Cast Iron MailboxHave you just finished building your new home? Finished remodeling? Or simply looking to upgrade your home’s exterior appearance? For many homeowners, a new mailbox can complete a look or add a fresh element to a residence that is well-established.

Choosing a mailbox for your home can sometimes be very simple, but depending on the style of your home and the regulations of your neighborhood, choosing a mailbox may prove to be a bit of an in-depth process.  Local zoning boards that have a say in what your curbside appearance should look like along with the rules U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Postal Service should all play a part in the decision of what mailbox to purchase for your home. As always, don’t forget to consider what impact weather will play in the longevity of your mailbox.

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There are many additional factors that should be considered before purchasing mailbox; two main factors include durability and aesthetics.  A cast iron mail box encompasses these two important qualities.

The Durability of Cast Iron Surpasses Most All Competitors

The heavy duty nature of this material stands true against the test of time—for centuries, cast iron has been used in architecture and machinery because of its ability to withstand nearly any destructible force; cast iron has been deemed to be unyielding on all accounts.

With proper maintenance, a cast iron mail box will easily last a life time.  Rust is considered the only downfall to cast iron as it can cause the material to become brittle.  If rust appears on the surface of this type of mail box, sanding and repainting will take care of the problem with little effort.  Additionally, durable powder coating has recently become available which will protect the cast iron from all natural elements thus rendering it unharmed against rust and peeling.

Aesthetically, a Cast Iron Mailbox Is a More than Sound Choice

The designs that are appealing to many homeowners can only be found with this type of mailbox.  For as long as cast iron has been used, the construction as remained the same—the iron is melted, poured into sand molds, the crusted sand is blasted off and any edges that remain rough are sanded away.  This sturdy construction has enabled a cast iron mailbox to hold an old world and established appearance.  Because this type of mailbox says “we’ve been here forever,” it has been an attractive choice for addresses of distinction.

Choosing the right mailbox ultimately puts the finishing touch on your home’s curb appeal; attention to these types of details can ensure higher property values of your area and of your home.   Like many home choices, small details go a long way in adding a unique appeal to your house. With so many different options for choosing a mailbox, possibly the best answer is to go with purity, durability and aesthetics—a cast iron mailbox is likely the best selection.

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