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Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

Best Fitness apps for iPhoneFitness makes a person grow stronger. There are many kinds of apps in an iPhone of which some of them are free and some are paid.

IPhone apps:

Push ups: These are for muscle growth.  This app will help you to do 100 push ups at a time. It is a six-week program which slowly makes you work out based on your age and stamina. Every day, feedback is given to make you more interesting and tend to learn. It makes your body fit and healthy.

Missile: Here comes a missile game in which you have to skip missile. A group of friends can join and play it with a GPS. You have 60 seconds of time to run, so run away from the blast.

Strava cycling: An app which calculates distance, time and speed in your travel. Your record will be maintained along with a graph. It records others speed and distance; by this you can compare your speed with others who are in same route to perform better. You can also find a nearby route in search through explore option. You can pause it any time and start again.  It makes a cyclist learn about his destination. It works through GPS

Charity Miles: It is to record your exercise mileage, tosupport racers, roamers and bike commuters equally to earn corporate assistances for a number of charities at a time. It is for walkers, runners, bikers to get funds through charities, which they select. Before you launch it on your mobile, first select for the charity that you want. As of now, nine charities are linked with charity miles app.

Nike+ running: With this you can keep up records, according to the run, speed, longest run, fast mile, short run and many stats. It is easy to set this app to record speed and distance before you start running. It is also a GPS running app.

Yoga: Yoga is where you can be healthy, energetic, enthusiastic, strong, stress-free and active. There are different positions in yoga which make your body fit.

There is a separate solution for every problem in you. So, this app has 300+ positions that are meant to solve your problems. You get this app through audio, video and sound effects which can teach you exact positions in it. A clear idea will make you to learn it in a correct way because it may hurt your body parts.

iTread mill: Put on this app and place it in your pocket, it will make your record according to the walk, speed, distance and the way you travel in. An option called pacer dial is to pause your record while you stop and gets started again when you move on.

iFitness: A kind of app which really helps you. There are 230 exercises which are meant to make different parts work freely. According to your body part you can use it. You can take a photocopy of yours and put into it and it shows you; relevant exercises.

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